On Our BlogPop Artists That Say I’m Sexy Because I’m Insecure: Please Stop

Since I commute two hours daily to and from my high school, I spend more than my fair share of time listening to “top 40” songs on the radio. In the past, I have been relatively oblivious during the time I have spent jamming to songs during my carpool. That is, besides generic rappers declaring that a perfect birthday present consists of a “big booty ho”, or a song’s chorus chanting “ass ass ass ass” dozens of times with bass blasting in the background—songs which my friends and I openly disparage—I do not usually take much time to analyze pop music.

Last week, however, my friend finally posed an inevitable question as good ol’ boy band One Direction cooed: “You don’t know that you’re beautiful. That’s what makes you so beautiful,” out of the speakers of her car.

What is it with all these male singers telling us that we’re more attractive when we’re insecure?” she sighed.

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